For 20 years, Vision Zero has influenced traffic planners and decision makers around the world. Zero traffic fatalities and injuries is no longer a sufficient goal, however. Our societies should strive for traffic environments which not only reduce serious mishaps, but which actively contribute to increased lifespans and quality of life. It's time to set goals beyond Vision Zero - Moving Beyond Zero.

"We have previously been satisfied with traffic policies that ensure that no one dies or is seriously injured in traffic. But that's no longer sufficient. Moving Beyond Zero is the new Vision Zero, where we expect the transport system to improve life thanks to active mobility", says Lars Strömgren, chairman of the Swedish Cycling Advocacy Organisation.

The opening speech will be held by Karolina Skog, Minister for the Environment, who will present the government's new strategies for urban planning that can contribute to increased cycling, health and improved civic environments. The health and quality of life benefits of active mobility has traditionally had a weak role in the traffic safety discourse and in the socioeconomic models used for assessing infrastructure initiatives.

During the seminar, leading researchers will highlight the positive effects of increased cycling and what active mobility provides for both the individual and society.


Peter Schantz, Professor of Human Biology at GIH, will present his new study which demonstrates that improved fitness and reduced emissions would spare 80 lives annually in Stockholm County if a third of today's motorists started commuting by bicycle.

Anna Niska, research director at the National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI, will talk about her experiences as project manager for the multi-year project "vulnerable road users" and her ongoing research project assessing how to encourage cycling among children and young people.

Carl Johan Sundberg, Professor at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute and member of the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission will share research about how physical activity provides the body with more energy as well as improved sleep, concentration, memory and immune systems.

Welcome to the seminar - Moving Beyond Zero.